The 2016 Maven Awards

Social Engagement

Trilia for NECCO


•Increase awareness of Sweethearts and its 150th anniversary

•Encourage engagement with content (e.g., participation, time on site, social sharing, etc.)


Faced with the challenge of a minute budget in a cluttered competitive environment, we concentrated efforts to one channel only, social, in order to create as large of an impact as possible. Historical data showed Valentine’s Day mentions were strongest 2/13-214 so we knew these days were critical.  We leveraged the mass reach of social to generate awareness and encourage interaction/engagement with the brand among social communities. We also pushed the story out through PR channels to generate buzz wherever possible.

The Plan:


•Daily paid support 1.5 weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day knowing this is when sales begin to pick up

•Heavy-up 2/13-2/14 given historical data


•Concentrated all dollars 2/13-2/14 given the real-time nature of this social channel