Lizzie Widhelm

Senior Vice President,


Turn Up the Volume


Music listeners are a mobile group and how they listen to radio is changing. Streaming radio is everywhere, across more devices like the connected car. Whether it’s pumping up the tunes to power through a workout or finding the right mix to get into the creative zone, digital radio is a platform that reaches very engaged users who can be precisely targeted by geography, demographics, social connections, listening behavior and other critical metrics.

About Lizzie Widhelm

Lizzie Widhelm serves as Senior Vice President of Ad Product Sales and Strategy at Pandora Media, Inc. and served as its Vice President of National Advertising Sales, Entertainment since February 4, 2010. Ms. Widhelm oversees Pandora’s West Coast ad sales team and will continue that oversight in her new capacity. She joined Pandora in March 2006 as director of west coast sales and opened Pandora’s first field sales office in Los Angeles. She has successfully signed some of Pandora’s largest advertisers, including Visa, Nike, Honda, H-P and ABC. Prior to working at Pandora, she spent several years working with startups including Broadband Enterprises, a video network, and game companies iWin, Uproar and Flipside before and subsequent to their sale to Vivendi Universal.