Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Seaport World Trade Center

11:00AM – 5:00PM

Media Innovation Day is a daylong content event covering traditional, new and emerging media, and focusing on the rapid media and marketing shifts that are impacting brands. We explore how and where consumers engage with, consume and experience media and how marketers and the media industry are evolving in order to succeed. Speakers represent the best and the brightest brand leaders and media mavens sharing the possibilities, the risks, and the rewards.


Engagement in the Age of Distraction

Live the Fantasy

Love Story: Subaru and Partners Take the High Road

The New Rules of Engagement

Politics: The After-Bern

Setting the Standard: An Unexpected Partnership

Turn Up the Volume

UNICEF: No Bedtime Story


Love Story: Subaru and Partners Take the High Road

Kerry Gallivan, CEO, Co-founder Chimani

Brandon Miller, Group Director, Partner Consumer Engagement, Carmichael Lynch

Jack Kelly, Digital & Social Marketing Manager, Subaru of America

Not all marketing partnerships are effective or enduring. The best collaborations are focused on reinforcing brand values, like Subaru’s connection to the great outdoors and its zero-landfill initiative. Carmichael Lynch, long-time AOR, and Chimani, mobile app pioneer, joined forces to bring mobile innovation to the brand by providing enhanced experiences around National Park visits, from trip planning to VR. A new focus includes reducing waste, saving money and resources in time to celebrate the National Park Centennial birthday bash!


Engagement in the Age of Distraction

Dr. Carl Marci, EVP, Chief Neuroscientist, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience

The average attention span has fallen to a mere 8 seconds, proof that the world is changing. People are becoming harder to reach in a multi-platform world. Understanding the neuroscience behind consumer responses can help you to create messages that trigger an emotional response. That response forges bonds that turn buyers into brand advocates. Emotion drives engagement and engagement drives ROI. Dr. Marci will share the neuroscience research that can result in more targeted, effective, engaging advertising.


Setting the Standard: An Unexpected Partnership

Brian Beitler, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Lane Bryant

Chris Hercik, SVP, Creative + Content, The Foundry @ Time Inc.

In one of the most highly anticipated magazine releases of the year, the 2016 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue sent a powerful message – about body positivity. And the power of partnerships. Lane Bryant, the plus size retail chain for women and SI, the male dominated sports media franchise, together shattered a few stereotypes about beauty with the choice of swimsuit cover models. The partnership’s enormous success may be a welcome sign of a shift in culture that today’s audience is supporting. In an interesting side note, the idea grew from a conflict that originated at the 2015 Media Innovation Day!


UNICEF: No Bedtime Story

Stephen Larkin, Chief Marketing Officer, 180LA

Nicholas Ledner, Digital Knowledge Coordinator, UNICEF

The Cannes Lion Grand Prix for Good winning animation series, ‘Unfairy Tales’, depicts the heartbreaking plight of Syrian refugees through the eyes of children. The true stories bring to life the horrors the children are escaping, and the danger and uncertainty they face. It’s impossible to be unaffected by the ‘tales’.  Nicholas Ledner, UNICEF and Steve Larkin, 180LA will share the story behind the campaign and discuss its effectiveness at promoting positive perceptions of the millions of refugee children around the world. #actofhumanity 


Politics: The After-Bern

Tad Devine, Political Consultant, Chief Strategist, Bernie Sanders Campaign 2016 Campaign

When Tad Devine, veteran strategist to high-profile global elections and “one of the nation’s most respected media consultants” (USA Today), signed on with the virtually unknown Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders, insiders noticed. Soon everyone noticed. The campaign exploded in popularity. It was so engaging that it was often referred to as a movement. ‘Feel the Bern’ continues long after Hillary won the nomination. Tad will share some of the lessons on engagement from the campaign trail.


Live the Fantasy

Guy Lake, Head of Fantasy Sports, Yahoo

Roughly a quarter of the U.S. population is getting ready to play Fantasy Football, including millions of women. Most people are playing for money. Everyone wants to be part of the action. The experience is all consuming and Yahoo is one of the most popular portals. Smart marketers are becoming part of the core fantasy experience and Yahoo will share some of the most successful cases.


Turn up the Volume

Lizzie Widhelm, SVP, Pandora

Music listeners are a mobile group and how they listen to radio is changing. Streaming radio is everywhere, across more devices like the connected car. Whether it’s pumping up the tunes to power through a workout or finding the right mix to get into the creative zone, digital radio is a platform that reaches very engaged users who can be precisely targeted by geography, demographics, social connections, listening behavior and other critical metrics.


The New Rules of Engagement 

Moderator: Lizzy Widhelm, SVP,  | Pandora

Emily Culp, CMO|Keds

Nick Dunham, Director of Media and Partnerships | Dunkin Brand

Sonny Kim, SVPDigital Media|PGR

Cindy Stockwell, President | Trillia

Today, we are striving to deliver ads that are relevant, engaging and even interactive. Successful campaigns offer an experience that users genuinely want to engage with and share. Our panel will discuss what’s happening in new and emerging media that increases engagement and will offer examples of how they are leveraging new technology and platforms.