The 2016 Maven Awards

Branded Entertainment

Trilia for Dunkin’ Donuts

In November 2015, we partnered with avid Dunkin’ Donuts brand fan and social influencer celebrity LOGAN PAUL to reach his network of 8MM+ social followers, with the goal of maximizing awareness of and generating installs for the Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile App. The opportunity to leverage Logan’s social influence and his love of the brand to create unique, engaging and authentic content resonated with not only his fans, but fans of Dunkin’ Donuts as well.

The cornerstone of the partnership was a six second Vine, created by Logan and distributed to his millions of fans. This Vine video featured Logan, in his own unique way, getting very excited to discover that his favorite brand of coffee and donuts had a mobile app, also featuring a call out to his fans to download the App.  In addition to the Vine video, posts by Logan on Twitter and Instagram, as well as a custom Snapchat story, served as additional reminders to his fans that the DD App was the best and newest way to experience all things Dunkin’ Donuts.  Within the Mobile App, a custom DD gift card was also made available, featuring Logan’s likeness, to continue the cohesive ‘Logan themed’ experience so that once his fans downloaded the Mobile App, they could gift each other a Logan Paul DD card, further increasing awareness and impact of the program.