Call for Entries: July 31 – September 8, 2017

Media Plan Strategies & Objectives

Strategic Use of Data

This award recognizes media plans that applied the use of data and technology in a strategic manner in order to identify and match the right audiences to the right media at the right moments.

Niche Profile

This award recognizes media plans that utilize innovative targeting techniques in order to effectively reach a specific interest group.

New & Emerging Media

This award recognizes media plans that broke new ground in media communications, where the plan was driven by innovative use of a new or emerging media platform.

Activation Around a Brand Milestone, Key Event, or Product Launch

This award recognizes media plans tailored around a significant newsworthy story, including brand milestones, key events, or product launches.

Pro-Bono / Nonprofit Activation

This award recognizes pro-bono or nonprofit media plans executed with a limited budget.

Surprise & Delight Plan Activation

This award recognizes a media strategy that steps outside of the norm, is unexpectedly executed, and results in unforeseen success.

Partner or Vendor Specific Program

Some of the most effective work being done today is via partnerships between a brand working with a media partner to create and activate a strategic, multi-touch point experience with their audience. This category recognizes the best collaboration or innovative partnership between two or more organizations that lead to groundbreaking ideas or initiatives.

Media Plan in a Regulated Industry

This award recognizes media plans that showcase excellence in highly regulated sectors, such as finance, insurance, and health care. Media is utilized as an essential and productive part of business while simultaneously complying with industry regulations.

Best Use of Viral Media

This award recognizes the best marketing initiative or campaign that received minimal paid placement and resulted in generating a significant amount of organic reach.


This award recognizes media plans with the focus of a physical interaction or engagement between a brand and its target audience. The objective is to elicit an emotion, action, or response. Entries in this category must demonstrate the ability of physical engagement to effectively achieve the brand’s goal.

Social Engagement

This award recognizes media plans that feature innovative uses of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or any other social sharing platform.

Media Plan Tools, Tactics, & Platforms

Audio (radio, music, etc)

This award recognizes media executions leveraging outstanding and creative use of audio messaging to effectively connect the audience with the client and its message. Media types include, but are not limited to broadcast radio and streaming radio.

Content / Native

This award recognizes media executions utilizing native ad formats that attempt to provide valuable advertiser content integrated with a publication’s communities, overall improving the user’s experience.


This award recognizes media executions driven by mobile media. Mobile media may include: mobile or handheld devices, tablets, advertisements, banners, video, click-to-buy, location-based features and services, MMS & SMS marketing, and in-game advertising.

Paid Search

This award recognizes media execution with outstanding results in paid-for search.


This award recognizes media execution showcasing tactics that put a brand or product/service in an intensely bright spotlight and created immediate and measurable impact.

Video (broadcat, digital, etc)

This award recognizes media executions showcasing innovative use of video, including broadcast television, digital, and social media-based media.


This award recognizes media executions showcasing innovative use of print media, including newspapers, magazines, posters, brochures, fliers, direct mail, or any other printed forms of media.

Out of Home

This award recognizes media executions showcasing innovative use of large format our of home media, including billboards, public transit and bus shelter advertising, mobile billboards, and digital billboards.


This award recognizes media executions utilizing app technology, where a campaign-specific app was used to drive significant engagement with the app and the brand’s message. Apps may include both mobile and desktop.

Branded Entertainment

This award recognizes media executions featuring innovations in branded content, giving the brand an opportunity to connect with its audience in a unique, engaging way.

Exceptional Individuals in Media

Media All Star

Recognizing a seasoned media planner or buyer who has demonstrated an expert understanding of media planning and buying, who has contributed to the success and achievement of client goals, and who has imparted knowledge on the younger generation of planners and buyers.

Rising Star

Recognizing a up-and-coming media planner or buyer under the age of 30 who demonstrates a keen understanding and insight into the strategy behind media planning and buying.