Media Innovation Day is a daylong content event covering new and emerging media, and focusing on the rapid media and marketing shifts that are impacting brands. We explore how and where consumers engage with, consume and experience media and how marketers and the media industry are evolving in order to succeed. Speakers represent the best and the brightest brand leaders and media mavens sharing the possibilities, the risks, and the rewards.


Going Further: Nat Geo

Grab the Bull by the Horns

How AI is Shaping the Advertising Industry

Things That Make You Stop and Stare

Listen Up: Podcasts are Going Hollywood

Cutting the Cord: OTT

Experience Over Things

The Big Idea: Waze

The Big Idea: Pinterest

The Big Idea: Havas Media

Marketing in a Cognitive Era

One Nation, Divisible: The Media of Filter Bubbles, Fake News, and Hyper-Polarization