Media Innovation Day
October 11, 2017

11:00 Registration


11:45 Lunch


12:05 Welcome
Kathy Kiely | President, The Ad Club


12:20 Going Further: Nat Geo
Declan Moore | CEO, National Geographic Partners

Still innovating after 130 years, the master storytellers at National Geographic have successfully transformed the science, exploration and adventure brand for the digital age. Playing to their strengths, this purpose driven brand is reinventing itself for the 21st century. One indicator of success is the over 69 million followers they have on Instagram. Declan will share the ambitious strategy that lead to that eye-opening statistic and will tell us what else they are doing to engage the next generation.


12:40 Grab the Bull by the Horns
Devika Bulchandani | President, McCannXBC
Stephen Tisdalle | CMO, State Street Global Advisors

It takes courage and confidence for a financial brand to tackle a social issue like gender diversity. A Fearless Girl staring down a charging bull has wordlessly captured the imagination of millions struggling for equality and in turn has helped to raise awareness for SSGA’s “SHE” fund. Stephen and Devika will share the story behind the installation on International Women’s Day and talk about the very real action behind the symbol.


1:00 How AI is Shaping the Advertising Industry
Emi Gal | Global CMO and CEO of Teads Studio

AI is taking over. It’s all around us – in self-driving cars, in our social media newsfeeds, in cancer diagnosis and voice interfaces like Siri or Alexa. It’s also starting to heavily impact the advertising industry – companies now use machine learning to decide which impressions to buy, which consumers to target and, increasingly more, what version of a creative to show to every individual. We’re ready for a future in which data enhanced creativity helps algorithms deliver the perfectly useful, self-assembled, targeted and conversational message to each consumer in real-time. Emi will talk about AI, the impact it’s going to have on the advertising ecosystem over the next 5 years and what advertisers and agencies should do to prepare for this future.


1:20 Things That Make You Stop and Stare
John Moore | Global President, Mediahub

It’s not just new media that engages. There are many unique and compelling ways to create impact. John will talk about why creativity in media is more important than ever. He’ll take you through some irrefutable facts, talk about his media shops model for media creativity and some media work that moves away from the legacy and dying interruption paradigm


1:40 The Maven Awards Presentation
Emcee: Maria Stephanos | Journalist and Co-Anchor WCVB NewsCenter 5


2:00 Listen up: Podcasts are Going Hollywood
Chris Giliberti | Head of Multiplatform, Gimlet Media

If you like podcasting, you’re going to love this new trend. Story-centered long form podcasting is the ideal prototype of a produced franchise according to Chris. And Gimlet Media is out front in the race to adapt niche media to the media of the masses. Chris will tell us what’s next in podcast adaptation and about the unique opportunities created for marketers.

2:20 Coffee Break

3:00 Cutting the Cord: OTT
Moderator: Stacey Shepatin | EVP, Director of National Video Investments, Trilia Media
Steve Calder | Sr. Director of Media and Digital Marketing, HP
Enid Maran | Managing Director, Marketing Effectiveness, Nielsen Company
Peter Naylor | Senior Vice President, Ad Sales, Hulu
Seth Walters | VP, Demand Partnerships, Roku

There are dramatic changes taking place in the way media is delivered and consumed today and in how content is created. The impact on the world of traditional broadcast is substantial. Cord cutting is gathering momentum and over-the-top providers are gaining subscribers. Our panel of experts will discuss some of the challenges, from working across platforms to measurement and distribution, for marketers and advertisers navigating this transition.


3:30 Experiences over Things
Anthony Reeves | Global Executive Creative Director, Amazon

An Inside Look at Amazon’s Creative Experiences, Innovation & Opportunities: a strategic and creative-led discussion looking at how taking a customer-centric approach to advertising is driving brand engagement with customers across all touchpoints.


3: 50 The Big Idea: Most Engaging Activations
Julie Polmonari | New England Sales Lead, Waze
Meredith Guerrirero | Head of Partnerships, Pinterest
George Sargent | President, Boston, Havas Media Group

A quick roundup of unique ideas that create impact and drive brand engagement.


4:10 The Maven Awards Presentation
Emcee: Maria Stephanos | Journalist and Co-Anchor WCVB NewsCenter 5


4:40 Marketing in a Cognitive Era
Babs Rangaiah | Executive Partner, Global Marketing iX at IBM

The internet transformed how media was consumed and had a profound impact on our lives. Now we stand squarely at the center of a new revolution. The digital revolution. AI enhanced technology, bots, machine learning, blockchain – technologies that enable marketers to solve marketing problems and to create fully immersive experience for consumers. Babs will share some use cases that fully illustrate the power of the emerging technology.


5:00 One Nation, Divisible: The Media of Filter Bubbles, Fake News, and Hyper-polarization
Baba Shetty | CEO, Invisible Science
Eli Pariser | President, Upworthy + GOOD

These are unusual times. Real news/fake news. It’s all just a little disorienting. Taking on the challenges and opportunities of our industry is much more difficult in this politically, economically, and socially polarized world. Content creators responding to the media environment compound the problem with sophisticated algorithms that close the feedback loop, trapping us in our own filter bubbles of partisan information. Since advertising dollars have the power to shape the information landscape, do we have a moral responsibility to make sure everyone is playing fair?


5:30 Cocktail and Networking Reception