The 2017 Maven Awards

Media All Star

Jade Watts

SVP, Group Media Director,
MullenLowe Mediahub

Jade is maniacally focused on helping clients solve business problems, not just media problems. She thinks big and helps make the complicated simple. Removable outdoor, edible magazine ads, live billboards and creating the industries most sophisticated real-time dynamic revenue generating ad machine – all in a day’s work for Jade.

Jade oversees about 23% of all the planning team in Mediahub Boston and looks after almost a third of all the media dollars we invest on behalf of our clients. She looks after the highest amount of revenue at our agency.

Jade led a 50-person team from strategy, creative, media, analytics and the clients themselves to change the game from single-digit optimization improvement to over 25% improvement on our digital media.

With Jade’s leadership, we built a custom API, which served as a data pipeline combining custom dynamic digital ads that automatically adapted based on the cues we received from our traveler segments. These better-targeted, contextual ads improved the CPB of each impression by 24%.

JetBlue Card:

Credit card advertising is omnipresent in our lives — celebrity TV endorsers and banks stalking you online with banner ads for weeks after you buy something online. How do you break through this mess with mere pennies to the dollar of the big reward cards?

Simple: You break the mold and make something personal — a never-been-done-before multidata-stream-backed placement to demonstrate the value of the points you accumulate with a JetBlue Card. The value isn’t what you collect, it’s what you can do with it.

Jade led a team that developed an app that used multiple data feeds and a complex rules engine to calculate and visualize the travel time needed to catch the next JetBlue ight departing JFK to a selection of tropical destinations. A series of data feeds took into account traf c time, airport dwell time and ight information to inform a countdown clock, which tracked the overall travel duration to featured destinations. This program helped deliver 21% higher number of cards in service versus goal.

New Business:

Chipotle went looking for an agency to help tell their story and break through the mass of restaurant/food choices for today’s diners. Perhaps the most impressive feat is the power of Jade’s approach convinced Chipotle to separate media and creative for the first time in the 20+ year history of the brand. This quote says it all: “Mediahub demonstrated extraordinary analytic and media targeting capabilities.” Mark Crumpacker, Chief Marketing and Development Officer — Chipotle.