The 2017 Maven Awards

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Trilia for T.J.Maxx

Real Life, Real People, Real Partnerships – This is Us

T.J.Maxx’s new brand positioning was to align with women who have unique and interesting backgrounds and stories. We celebrated those women all over the country who were living their lives in their own, unique way. We always knew that behind every woman who’s making it work is a great story waiting to be told, and while it seems that every retailer is trying to align themselves with a celebrity, we wanted an authentic setting for T.J.Maxx to celebrate these inspirational stories.

From the moment we saw the This Is Us trailer and the authentic storylines and characters in NBC’s breakout new series, we knew it would strike an incredible chord with the exact viewers T.J.Maxx wanted to reach. We got in early and were able to create a partnership between both brands that was a perfect, natural fit.

Through a social campaign, NBC recruited real-life T.J.Maxx shoppers who were lmed in-store to share their personal stories of family, wisdom, and strength. These stories were captured through a series of videos which revealed the stories of hardships and joy that make people who they are.

The campaign featured four custom vignettes, starting with a :60 vignette airing in the series premiere. All vignettes were promoted and ampli ed via NBC and This Is Us social and digital channels to appeal to fans that prefer an online and mobile- rst approach to content consumption.

The partnership drove incredible engagement for T.J.Maxx, and NBC called it their “most successful brand partnership of the year.” Digital video views topped 5.3MM with average engagement rates 49% higher than Facebook benchmarks. Video completion rates were greater than 90% (vs. 80% benchmark). The program boosted both likability and brand opinion over 20% higher than the average retail norm. Importantly, T.J.Maxx saw incredibly positive social sentiment and motivated lapsed shoppers to rethink the brand: “I saw a commercial the other night. I liked it and I said to myself that I needed to go there. T.J.Maxx, I haven’t shopped there for a couple of years but I will now. That is a sponsor that makes me smile.”