The 2017 Maven Awards


Trilia for Planet Fitness

Predictive Analytics Drive New Member Acquisition


With 1,200 locations, Planet Fitness was the fastest-growing gym in the country. But in 2016, with health and fitness spending at an all-time high, new entrants to the discount-gym market threatened to dilute Planet Fitness’ reign. Long known for its hard stance against “gymtimidation,” Planet Fitness needed to refresh its place in the marketplace, while staying true to the brand’s “Judgement Free” heritage. They knew that growing gym membership base and continuing to capture new mind share was key to longer term success in the market.

Enter Trilia. Trilia’s integrated approach to tackling Planet Fitness’ competitive challenge leveraged proprietary research and historical data to fuel predictive analytics. Approaching new member acquisition strategically required a keen understanding of the current member base, future member base and links between the two behaviorally, qualitatively, and predictively. Predictive analytics helped Trilia answer “Who would join?”, “Why would they join?”, “Where would they join?” Understanding key behavioral and media consumption patterns within the current and desired future audiences allowed Trilia to effectively reach an audience that was highly probable to convert.

Using predictive analytics to define a precise acquisition strategy surrounding the ideal mix of digital platforms (social, search, etc.) at an ideal R/F and SOV, Trilia proved incredibly successful. Within two weeks of the campaign start and with at budgets YoY, the January 2017 New Year’s promotion was Planet Fitness’ most successful promotion to date. Planet Fitness saw its highest number of joins in its quarter-century history. In fact, response was so high that Planet Fitness experienced its rst ever website crash! (There aren’t many reasons you can be happy about a website crash!) Ultimately, Trilia’s use of predictive analytics and proprietary research to drive a precision approach yielded massive efficiency and KPI dividends that successfully aided in moving the brand from challenger to leader in the category.