12:00 Registration & Lunch


1:00 Opening Remarks
Kathy Kiely | President, The Ad Club


1:10 Pain Points: How We’re Going to Improve the Patient Journey
Dave Edelman | Chief Marketing Officer, Aetna
Stan Nowak | VP, Consumer Engagement, Aetna

Healthcare providers have created unprecedented technological and clinical advances in recent years. Why has the experience for patients remained largely unchanged? Stan Nowak will discuss the patient journey and how to identify the “moments of truth” that irritate, delight, or infuriate patient. Dave Edelman will discuss what it will take to change the patient experience to create more loyal, satisfied customers.


1:40 Building a Global Brand, One Interaction at a Time
Paul Matsen | Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Cleveland Clinic

To expand its footprint globally, most brands undertake a major marketing push, including big investments in broad reach media. The Cleveland Clinic is not most brands. With a communications strategy focused solely on digital channels, Cleveland Clinic shares content in a friendly, informative way, has attracted 2 million Facebook users, 1 million Twitter users and 3.8 million views of its “Empathy” video while solidifying its reputation as a premier healthcare provider. Chief Marketing Officer Paul Matsen will discuss his vision for building a strong brand in the new healthcare reality.


2:10 Defying Logic: The Efficacy of DTC Pharma Advertising
Stuart Klein | Healthcare Practice Lead, IPG

Despite being highly regulated and burdened with language about side effects that sounds worse than the disease, pharmaceutical advertising consistently succeeds where other marketers don’t. Stuart Kline will share his thoughts on what makes these lengthy, often awkward direct-to-consumer ads work. And what the rest of the marketing world can learn from it.


2:40 Coffee Break


3:10 What Can Healthcare Learn from Retail
Kathy Klingler | SVP/CMO Product & Marketing, BCBS,MA
Mitch Rothschild | Chairman & Founder, Vitals
Brian Lefkowitz EVP, Executive Creative Director, Digitas Health
Moderator: Bob Tedeschi | Senior Writer, STAT

Why does the notion of creating an “Amazon for healthcare” seem so unlikely? Although it’s a whopping 20% of our GDP, the healthcare category has failed to deliver on the technological innovation and customer focus we’ve become accustomed to in retail. From price transparency to customization, the promise of a customer-centric experience has fallen woefully short. Our panelists will discuss consumer expectations, system limitations and the breadth of opportunities that lie ahead.


3:45 Creating a Market by Not Selling a Product
Vic Noble VP, Global Head of Brand Value, Shire

Shire spent 2 years talking with thousands of eye care professionals and patients about dry eyes and its impact on their everyday lives. To encourage patients to talk with their doctors about dry-eye, Shire created “Eyelove” a platform that promotes disease awareness, not a specific product. With Jennifer Aniston as the spokesperson, Shire has grown the dry eye market by 25%. Vic Noble will share insights on the campaign’s success and what’s in store next.


4:15 On the Brink: Are we Ready for the Future of Healthcare
Larry Mickelberg | Managing Director, Deloitte Digital

There are a few things we can all agree on when it comes to healthcare: it’s too expensive, it’s inefficient, we all consume it and it’s about to change. What will it take to move toward a consumer-focused innovation business? Larry will identify some of the advances in science, business and technology that are driving profound changes in healthcare  marketing.


4:45 Cocktail and Networking Reception