Stuart Klein

Healthcare Practice Lead, IPG


For the first 18 years of his career, Stu worked with some of the premier consumer marketers in the industry, including Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, and Campbell’s.   Highlights of this phase of Stu’s career include launching/repositioning over 30 different new products, ultimately driving growth for brands at every lifestage.

Then, realizing that his packaged goods background was ideal for the nascent world of DTC, Stu became President of The Quantum Group, and led the agency to being named DTC Mid-Sized Agency of the Year from 2002-2004. During his tenure at Quantum, Stu led the development of some of the more memorable DTC campaigns of this era for brands such as Claritin, Clarinex, Levitra, NuvaRing, and Crestor.  In 2005, Stu continued his development as a pharmaceutical marketer, and made the jump to the professional side to become CEO of KPR. Stu returned to IPG and the DTC world in 2007 as President of Lowe Alchemy, and became IPG’s COO of the Janssen consolidation of its business at IPG in late 2008.

In mid-2012, Stu expanded his Janssen responsibilities by adding operational oversight of J&J’s Vision business.  In this role, Stu is responsible for the oversight of IPG’s J&J businesses, ensuring the delivery of “Open Architecture” to J&J, the model that ensures that optimal talent from across IPG will be brought to J&J regardless of agency affiliation.  Over the past 9+ years, nearly 40 different IPG agencies have worked on behalf of Janssen and JJV, more than tripling the number prior to the consolidation.  

Stu lives in Maplewood, NJ with his wife Amy and the youngest of his four children, Ryder (16), with Jackson, (25) living in Brooklyn (and continuing in the Klein family advertising tradition), with his brother Hunter (23) as his roommate, and Georgia (21) mid-way through her senior year of college.