Mitch Rothschild

Founder & Chairman, Vitals


Mitch launched Vitals in 2008 after personally experiencing the complexity of finding a qualified physician for his knee surgery. For its first seven years, Mitch served as CEO, growing to over 10 million monthly visitors and a 65 percent compounded annual revenue growth rate. He now serves as Chairman of the company.

Prior to Vitals, Mitch started more than a half-dozen businesses, including Raspberry Red Marketing, NetWorks, Tuff Rhino,, RUSS CandyBears and Time Warner Viewer’s Edge. He has also been involved in the rapid growth of Popcorn Indiana, Blue Moon Mexican Cafe and IT’SUGAR.

Mitch has an MBA, with honors, from Columbia University and an MA (Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude) from Queens College in New York.