A marketing conference exploring
all that is new around health and wellness

June 13, 2016
Google, Cambridge

Thank you to everyone, including our sponsors, who joined us at Vital Signs on Monday, June 13, 2016!

It was a great day exploring all that is new around health and wellness.


Our agenda covered topics that are driving major changes in the health and wellness industry from the shift to consumerism, to the importance of wellness, to the reinvention of primary care. We explored the innovative use of technology, mobile, and content to engage consumers and medical professionals.

Gil Blander

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
Segterra (InsideTracker)

Peter Borden

Managing Director, Commercial Health
Sapient Consulting

John D. Halamka, M.D.

Chief Information Officer
Beth Israel Deaconess

Mark Rosenthal

Head of Industry,
Health Services

Chris Storer

Chief Marketing Officer
Twine Health

Bob Tedeschi

Senior Writer

Kristin Volk

EVP, Chief Planning Officer
Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Brent Walker

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
c2b solutions

Colt Whittall

Vice President

Laura Vail Wooster

VP, Marketing
John Hancock Insurance

It's hard to miss.
It’s hard to miss. All around you there are signs of major changes in the health care industry. People are taking personal health into their own hands… Literally.

It’s a mobile world and we expect our health care providers to keep up. We know our sleep patterns, our heart rates, and our BMI before our MD does. Wellness has taken on more meaning than healthcare. Patient power is driving content.

Vital signs is a new marketing event from the Ad Club that will explore all that is new around health and wellness.


Thank you to our sponsors!