Peter Borden

Managing Director, Commercial Health, Sapient Consulting

Peter Borden has dedicated his 22+ year career to collaborating with the most innovative people to craft the strongest ideas and getting them to market, delivering real value for brands and their customers alike. He is currently based out of our Boston, MA office. Previously, Peter has spent considerable time within both the London and New York offices.

Peter has over 20 years of experience in facilitating clients towards defining a shared vision and then committing to a course of action leading towards the realization of that vision. Peter works with clients across many industries, but spends most of his time in Healthcare and Financial Services, including numerous investment banks that rank in numerous global top 10 lists, and world-class organizations in Public Health, Health Insurance, and Provider spaces. He has lead in a broad range of initiatives with a focus on: Customer Experience & Engagement, Business and IT transformation, patient engagement, health interoperability solutions, electronic patient record solutions, and public facing omni-channel properties.

Prior to Sapient, Peter was a medical researcher in the areas of functional MRIs and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Outside of SapientNitro, Peter hopes to be the best dad he can be, shoot a little photography, and maybe run that ½ marathon next Spring.