Gil Blander

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Segterra (InsideTracker)

Gil Blander is a scientist with a PhD in biology originated from the Weizmann Institute of science and MIT. He is an expert in nutrition, biomarkers analytics, athletic performance, biochemistry, and aging research and holds numerous patents and peer reviewed publications in systems biology, aging research, nutrition, biochemistry, genetics, and physiology. Dr. Blander is the founder of InsideTracker, a personalized health and performance analytics company founded by leading scientists, physicians, nutritionists and exercise physiologists from MIT, Harvard and Tufts University. The InsideTracker platform tracks and analyzes key biochemical and physiological markers and applies sophisticated algorithms and large scientific databases to determine personalized optimal zones for each marker. InsideTracker’s expert system offers science-driven nutrition and lifestyle interventions that empower people to optimize their markers. When optimized, these marker levels have been scientifically proven to increase vitality, improve athletic performance and extend life.