Monday, June 13, 2016

12:00 Registration and Healthy Lunch


12:45 Introductions

Kathy Kiely | President | The Ad Club


1:00 Where Big Data Meets Big Health

John Halamka | Chief Information Officer | Beth Israel Deaconess

2017 will be the perfect storm for healthcare innovation as social networking principles, mobile applications, big data analytics, and cloud computing in hospitals and clinician offices accelerate the pace of innovation. Dr. Halamka will provide an overview of what the next year will bring and how Boston-area institutions are planning to take advantage of the new technologies.


1:30 Patient Power: A Changing Environment

Brent Walker | EVP | CMO | c2b Solutions

Without a doubt, the rise in consumerism is having a profound effect on healthcare. And healthcare companies need to take a retail approach of deeply understanding consumer attitudes, priorities, needs and communication preferences to be successful in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With over 20 years in marketing at P&G, Brent will make the case for using methods, like psychographic segmentation, that can be highly effective in healthcare to understand consumers and influence their behavior.


2:00 Start With the Heart: The Science of Emotion

Kristin Volk | EVP | Chief Planning Officer | Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

When it comes to health and wellness, emotion is a major factor in decision-making for consumers and medical professionals alike. Only when people feel something will they be willing to do something. Kristin will talk about the science of emotion in marketing and how to move people into action with examples from pharmaceutical brands to wellness programs.


2:20 Delivering on Digital

Colt Whittall | VP, Isobar

Overcoming the challenges marketers face in this highly regulated industry, this Cancer Treatment Centers of America case study will illustrate that constraints do not need to get in the way of results.


2:35 Coffee Break


3:15 Life’s Rewards

Laura Vail Wooster | VP Marketing | John Hancock Insurance

For John Hancock, there is great value in investing in the wellness of its customers. The life insurance and healthy living program, Vitality, creates personalized health goals for consumers and rewards healthy choices. As individuals take a more active role in their own health, they are financially rewarded for their positive actions. This is a plan where everyone wins.


3:45 In Sickness and In Health

Chris Storer | CMO | Twine Health

Healthcare is approximately 20% of our economy. It’s an extremely expensive, heavily regulated industry that is vital to every individual and is being swept up in a tidal wave of change. The successful disruptors are taking a consumer-centric approach that favors transparency and personalization. If better experiences, improved outcomes and lower costs are the objectives, what is the solution?


4:15 The Empowered Healthcare Consumer

Mark Rosenthal | Head of Industry | Health Services | Google

Individuals are literally taking personal health into their own hands. When they need health information or motivation, the solution is at their fingertips…or strapped to their wrist. In this mobile, connected world, patient power is disrupting the traditional model and Google knows just what they are looking for.


4:30 Every Body has a Story

Moderator: Bob Tedeschi | Senior Writer | STAT

Gil Blander | Founder | Chief Scientific Officer | InsideTracker

Peter Borden | Managing Director | Commercial Health | Sapient

Improving health, wellbeing or performance is on everyone’s mind. Connected devices that measure and track BP, BMI, Biomarkers, etc. have grown into a diverse industry as consumers demand a role in managing their own health. But just who gets to see the intensely valuable data is also a hot topic. This panel will explore what’s new and what’s next on the horizon.


5:15 Cocktail and Networking Reception