Being More Human

January 30, 2020

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel

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Keeping up with today’s consumers is a never-ending journey. Just when you think you’ve nailed down your marketing plan, their media habits have shifted. Consumers today also expect brands to act more human than ever; relatable, approachable, thoughtful, empathetic, purpose-driven.

This year at Media Innovation Day, we heard what today’s biggest brands and media companies are doing to meet audiences’ ever-evolving expectations. The half-day event explored how their consumers are engaging with new and emerging media, and how these shifts impact marketers.

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11am Registration
11:45am Seated Lunch
12:20pm Welcome Remarks
Kathy Kiely, President, The Ad Club
12:30pm The New Decade: The New Media Experience
Brian Stelter, Chief Media Correspondent, Reliable Sources Anchor, CNN
So much about media is changing in this digital and social media age, all shaped and reshaped by big tech. There is tremendous disruption with platforms popping up and new brands being born at a feverish pace. With it comes all the new content in the stream. Both news and nonsense reaching us at the speed of light. The challenge is how do humans use news rather than being used by it. Taking advantage of the impact of social media to build trust and spread truth has led to some of the most positive trends emerging in the new decade.
1:00pm Humanizing Healthcare
David Edelman, Chief Marketing Officer, Aetna, a CVS Health Company
CVS is building out a new vision for healthcare, the HealthHUB model. It’s informed by Aetna’s extensive data on its members’ health conditions and creates a new brand experience - offering a more comprehensive and personalized experience to visitors struggling with chronic conditions. The focus is to transform healthcare and the customer journey by making healthcare simple and more accessible to consumers - real humans with individual health concerns.
1:30pm Creating Meaningful Connections
Greg James, Global Chief Strategy Officer, Havas Media
Adam Petrick, Global Director of Brand and Marketing, PUMA
Research has shown that meaningful brands have more success, so how does that translate to creating meaningful media experiences. The bottom line is connecting better with humans by understanding their motivations and not letting the mechanics of media get in the way of the art. Greg and Adam will talk about Puma, a brand that people are passionate about and how understanding fan behavior leads to greater engagement.
2:00pm Keeping a Legacy Brand Relevant: Content is King
Barbara Goose, Chief Marketing Officer, John Hancock
The 157-year-old John Hancock is addressing the challenge of reaching a younger audience with compelling content, including a video series highlighting NFL players’ retirement plans, and new media partnerships with theSkimm and CNN. Barb will share the strategy behind this marketing approach, as well as research, insights, creative, and media. Showing up in unexpected places and sharing real stories relevant to the audience is working for this legacy brand.
2:30pm Journalism: A Force for Good
Evelyn Webster, Chief Executive Officer, The Guardian US & Australia
The importance of journalism and trust cannot be underestimated at this point in history. As the only B-Corp certified news organization, The Guardian stands out as a business committed to balancing purpose and profit. Independence matters.
2:45pm Coffee Break
3:25pm Opposites Attract: The Alliance of Art and Science
Danilo Tauro, Global Media Manager, P&G - Panel Moderator
Max Kalehoff, VP of Marketing, Realeyes
Amy Williams, Co-Founder, Good-Loop
Joe Zawadzki, Chief Executive Officer, MediaMath
As technology evolves and becomes more pervasive in our everyday lives, consumers experience both its benefits and risks. Marketers have a huge opportunity, but also a great responsibility. The science of tech, big data and artificial intelligence has to be balanced by the art of creativity and purpose. The ability to juggle between art and science is key to developing a marketing organization that can face today’s challenges. This panel will discuss some of the latest dynamics that are shaping the world of media and some trade-offs marketers have to solve.
3:55pm Technology is at Your Service
Bertrand "Coca" Cocallemen, Global Creative Director, Teads
It’s the consumer who is always in control. It’s the job of the marketer to deliver amazing experiences, to leverage the power of the device, and to understand the human interaction. Data, analytics, media and creative all play a critical role in capturing attention and building relationships with customers in an authentic way. Coca will talk about these challenges, the trends and the search for scale and impact in the digital space.
4:20pm The Art of the Unexpected
Stacy Minero, Global Head of Twitter ArtHouse
Getting the conversation started is just the beginning. To be successful on Twitter, you have to create content that really moves people. Moves them emotionally and moves them to action or participation. It’s important to understand the value of connecting to culture and to embrace the unexpected. Stacy will share case studies of some of the most successful recent brand work on the platform to illustrate how to best maximize the opportunities for your brand.
4:45pm Newsworthy: Bucking the Trend
Lou Paskalis, SVP of Customer Engagement and Investment, Bank of America
Bank of America is spending 30 percent of its digital ad budget against news stories while most brands are avoiding the news platforms because of the inflammatory, fake news environment. Why? The audience drawn to quality journalism is the audience the Bank wants to engage. To minimize risk and maximize media investment, Bank of America has created an infrastructure and a set of principles that are aligned across the organization. Lou is encouraging other brands to follow his lead and support journalism at this important time.
5:15pm Cocktail and Networking Reception

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