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The Ad Club Foundation is proud to present a $25,000 
Rosoff Scholarship in support of the MLK Summer Scholars program.

Mission: The MLK Scholars program is open to teens in the Boston area and addresses a critical need in Boston: summer jobs for city youth. The Rosoff Scholarship will provide funds for an additional 25 scholars to participate in the program.

Working in close partnership with the Boston Globe, Boston University, Partners HealthCare, and the City of Boston, John Hancock’s MLK Summer Scholars seeks to develop a future skilled workforce, while adding significant value to our community today. With more than 600 Boston teens participating at over 70 non-profit worksites this summer, MLK Summer Scholars is believed to be the largest corporate summer jobs program.

In addition to providing daily employment at community-based organizations over the course of the summer, MLK Summer Scholars brings together all 600+ youth of diverse backgrounds for bi-weekly job readiness and life skills worshops. The workshops guide teens through a discovery process where they can explore their current path and focus on next steps in achieving education and employment goals. The curriculum consistently integrates important messages on social responsibility, leadership development, and civic involvement.

The Ad Club Foundation is proud to present a $20,000
Rosoff Scholarship in support of Resilient Coders.

Mission: We believe in social justice through economic empowerment, and in the opportunity for meritocracy in tech.  This isn’t about one-off camps or hackathons. This is about meaningful change.

Strong student leadership, dedicated staff, and an impressive board make Resilient Coders what it is. Our people have in common a belief in the social mission, and the muscle to make real change.

David is a professional designer and interface developer with experience working with award-winning startups, as well as established brands. Before founding Resilient Coders, he was at PayPal, leading a cross-disciplinary team of designers and coders. They designed and built first-to-market digital advertising concepts for brands like Starbucks, Coke, FedEx, and Pepsi. He helped set up PayPal’s startup incubator, Start Tank, and served as its UX subject matter expert. David believes in technology as an opportunity for real meritocracy. And he believes in the resilience of Boston’s youth.