Tru is a celebrated author, an engaging speaker, a committed community leader, and an award-winning marketing executive with close to 20years of experience at the nations top advertising & marketing agencies. He founded and led Youth and Millennial Marketing agencies Y-Access and Octagon Access respectively. Both agencies were eventually acquired by larger publicly traded corporations. 

Tru currently serves as founder and CEO of Tru Access which is an inspiration and empowerment consultancy that serves individuals and organizations by helping them to bridge gaps. 

Hes also considered one of the countrys top Millennial Empowerment experts and cross-generational thought leaders. His first book, Millennials Revealed” serves as a guide for countless individuals and organizations across the country to help them build meaningful connections across diverse generations.

Tru has shared his marketing talents and expertise to help contribute to the success of brands such as Adidas, Nike, State Farm, Unilever, MTV, and Ford just to name a few. He continues to partner with corporations to help them understand how to better connect with youth, young adult, and multicultural audiences by leading with purpose. 

In addition to connecting brands with consumers and building bridges across generations, Tru has also established a strong reputation for building bridges across racial, cultural, social, economical, and relational lines. 

As a part of his Bridge Building efforts, Tru has worked diligently with law enforcement agencies, high schools, colleges, churches, and corporations across the country to help resolve, reconcile, and heal any racial tension that may exist between these institutions and the diverse communities that they serve. These efforts include, but are not limited to a partnership with WRAL TV to curate and facilitate a panel discussion around the stations Emmy award-winning documentary “Black & Blue” for the on-air post-documentary discussion Beyond Black & Blue”.

Tru has developed training workshops COHORT and CO-HEART specifically for Law Enforcement professionals and Educators respectively, to help provide them with insights, perspectives, and tools to connect with diverse communities and address issues of racial tension. COHORT stands for Community Organizers Helping Officers Restore Trust and CO-HEART stands for Community Organizers Helping Educators Address Racial Tension.

Tru also co-founded Rap Sessions and Barbershop Rap Sessions which are platforms to help men discuss, address, and resolve issues and topics that impact them as men in society, and to help strengthen them as leaders in their faith, families, and communities. 

Tru also serves as a charter member of the Cary PD Building Bridges group, which was designed to bring local African American faith based leaders and police officers together to develop outreach opportunities in communities of color. Tru remains the most active member of this committee to this day.

Tru is a highly sought after speaker and workshop leader among colleges, conferences, corporations, and churches across the country. His areas of expertise are Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, Cross-Generational Team Building, and Purpose. 

Among all that Tru has been able to accomplish on his life journey, he is most proud of the opportunity to serve as a husband and a father.