Jon Hen is a Lawrence-based artist whose work invokes a raw, emotional, energetic, and freeing visual experience. An alumnus of Methuen High School, Jon has been awarded for his skills in realism as well as abstract painting and drawing. His showcase calls out everyone that feels trapped in their thoughts with so much to think about, but not so much to say. Humor and playful applications of color and experimental mediums give life to Jon’s 2-dimensional works.

Jon Hen is a young, up and coming artist spilling his soul into his canvas in a graffiti-esque style reminiscent of neo-expressionism. At first glance, Jon’s work has a primitivist nature and hip-hop inspired scrawling, which brings Jean-Michael Basquiat to mind with a young, new, fresh take. For every one of Jon’s shows, there’s never feelings of stagnatation. Jon keeps growing and demanding more out of himself, constantly improving him and his art.