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2016 Rosoff Award Honorees


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A New Vision for the 20th Annual Rosoff Awards

One thing has become crystal clear to us: The definition of diversity has changed forever.

Gone are the days of diversity being a mandate. Today’s diversity is cognitive. Smart, creative companies and their leaders see inclusion as an innovation tool. It’s a way to spark ideas, imagination and collaboration.

Millennials are demanding authenticity from the top down. The issue is no longer black and white. Real diversity is not defined by race or gender. Rather it is a vibrant mix of identities, ideas, ages, cultures and experiences.

This year, we honored the visionaries. They’re the leaders who are willing to shake things up, and the organizations that embrace diversity not as a mandate, but as a movement. Check out this list of great leaders, great companies, and an amazing 20-something. They have the vision, the Rosoff 20/20 Vision, and are leading the way towards a more perfect world.

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