Zarina Mak

Partner, PS260

Being raised by her Mom with her Brother in a loving Chinese home in Queens, NY, gave Zarina Mak a formidable strength of character that she carries today.

A graduate from NYU in Art History in 1996, the natural path seemed to be to stay in her hometown and enter into the Mad Men industry. In her Broadcast Producers roles at BBH and Fallon, Zarina worked with some of the top Creatives, Directors and Advertisers in the business producing commercials for brands like Levi’s, Johnny Walker, Virgin Mobile, and Starbucks. By then end of her tenure, Zarina was well-versed in managing full productions, crazy schedules, big budgets, and big personalities.

In 2005, when PS 260 needed an Executive Producer to help them grow to the next level, Zarina was an easy choice to fill the role. Ten years later, she was promoted to Managing Partner. Under Zarina’s charge, PS 260’s business has thrived and she has helped to cultivate top award winning Editors and Producers. With Zarina’s leadership, PS 260 has grown from an 8-person shop in NY, to 35-people in two offices in New York and Venice, CA.

Zarina has had a lifetime love and passion for animals. In 2008, after her brother rescued a stay dog off the side of a road in Texas, Zarina was called to take action to her passion. Zarina became actively involved in dog rescue and dog welfare. She founded See Spot Rescued, a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer based dog rescue organization. See Spot Rescued focuses on saving dogs from high kill shelters. No matter their age, breed, or health, no matter what they need – extensive vetting, surgeries, or experienced dog owners – See Spot Rescued provides care and helps them find the best possible match in a home.

In Zarina’s Broadcast Producer days at BBH, she had the opportunity to mix her first radio spot with über talented audio Mixer and Sound Designer, Rob Fielack. Thank goodness he did such a terrific job. After working together for several years they married in 2007. Zarina and Rob live with their stately cat and two rescue dogs whom they lovingly refer to as “the knuckleheads.”