The EDGE conference examines what’s happening, what’s new and what’s next in the marketing world. Join us on January 12th at the ICA for a half-day conference dedicated to the revolutionary brands, services, and innovative ideas that are destined to influence the future of marketing, media, and branding.

A wave of disruptive innovators is affecting many industries – from finance to food to healthcare – and transforming the business landscape. Marketers must not only respond, but also remain nimble enough to stay on the cutting edge. Join us at the Edge Conference as we share ideas, large and small, that are destined to influence the future of marketing. Don’t miss it!


11:30 AM – 12:30 PM  //  Registration & Light Lunch
12:20 PM – 5:00 PM  //  Content
5:00 PM – 7:00PM  //  Cocktails & Entertainment


Living the Life of Why Not

CEO // ViralGains

Making better happen is disruptive. Established industries are disrupted when innovators find ways to solve a problem, provide a new service, raise standards, improve lives, and/or do it faster, better, and cheaper. The pace of radical change will only accelerate, so embrace this new chaotic world. Adapt and you will not only survive, you will thrive.

Show Me the Money: Digital Currency

Founder & CEO // Circle

It’s mind-bending to completely rethink the idea of money. And, even though wide acceptance of Bitcoin might be a long way off, the idea of moving money around the globe less expensively and free from some of the rules and regulations of banks and governments may be a good business decision. Yet it’s often a political statement too. Jeremy will help us make the leap from traditional to virtual currency.

Clean Your Plate: The Real Food Movement


Managing Director // Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund

Principal // Oceanic Innovations LLC

Founder & CEO // Clover Food Lab

Managing Principal // Sasaki Associates

Not just a fad for foodies, the way we eat and the way we think about food is changing.  Getting toxins out of the food chain, moving from manufactured to whole foods, and knowing where your food is sourced are important and personal concerns. Our panel will discuss how the entire food system is undergoing a transformation, from how, what and where we farm, to sustainable practices, to how it’s processed and how it gets to our table. Bon Appetit!

Cultivating Peace: The Spice Trade

Co-Founder // Rumi Spice

Co-Founder // Rumi Spice

Lawyer & Co-Founder // Rumi Spice

TOM ASHBROOK (Moderator)

Host of WBUR’s On Point

Saffron, the world’s most coveted spice demands a price higher than the poppies cultivated by Afghan farmers for Opium production. The benefits extend well beyond the income earned. The Taliban drug-based cash flow is disrupted and a foundation is built for eventual peace and prosperity in Afghanistan. Building bridges to other cultures through commerce is where relationships develop and peace begins. That’s the vision of a group of military veterans with a deep connection to the country.

Use Your Head: New Rules

Founding Executive Director // Sports Legacy Institute

Getting your bell rung. Being invincible. Playing through the pain. All of these describe the elite athletes who play contact sports. Degenerative brain disease. That’s a nasty secret they share. Taking sports related head injuries seriously, Chris is on a crusade to disrupt how professionals and youth teams play sports. Especially football. As you might expect, there has been pushback. No pushover, he’s inspired a national conversation on making sports safer and has the science to support his position.

Disrupting Class: The Buzz about Blended Learning

 Author & Senior Research Fellow  //  Clayton Christensen Institute

Today, the same digital transformation that altered the way we work, communicate and entertain is triggering a tipping point in K-12 schools. Yet for many, this sea change is raising more questions than answers. Heather helps us make sense of one of the hottest trends in education today.

Up in Smoke: Marijuana


TOM ASHBROOK (Moderator)

Host of WBUR’s On Point

The healing herb is now a growth industry, legal in a handful of states, and decriminalized in a few dozen others. Not since Prohibition ended in 1933 has an illegal drug been legalized. With pent up demand from recreational and medical users, and public opinion tilting in its favor, is full-scale legalization inevitable? Jeffrey will explain why, despite the compelling case for legalization and progress at the state level ultimate success is not assured.