11:00am – 6:00pm
Thursday, March 28, 2019
Seaport World Trade Center

11:00AM — Registration

11:45AM — Lunch

12:15PM —Opening Remarks
Kathy Kiely | President, The Ad Club
Barbara Goose | CMO, John Hancock

12:30PM — Good Vibrations
Darcel Wilson | Musical Artist and Professor, Berklee College of Music

Introduced by Andrew Graff | CEO, Allen & Gerritsen

Darcel Wilson’s long list of performing credits range from working with top artists like Branford Marsalis and Paul Simon to a stint on Broadway. Her signature soulful style and powerful voice is guaranteed to move you.

12:50PM — The Shakeup: On Life After GE
Beth Comstock | Author, Former Vice Chair, GE

Beth scaled great heights as the first female Vice-Chair of GE and was recognized as one of the most powerful women in corporate America – until management changed and she was dismissed. The life of leisure was not a great fit, though she tried to enjoy collage classes and actually did enjoy hiking, downshifting was unsettling. Her career had defined her and now she is redefining herself minus the trappings of power. Beth is no less driven and is embracing this opportunity to make some changes.

1:15PM — A Fractured Future: The American Dreamer  
Reyna Montoya | Social Entrepreneur, DACA Advocate, Founder, Aliento

Reyna was brought to the US from Mexico as a child and experienced first-hand the anxiety, fear and stress of having undocumented parents. She endured the harrowing realities of our immigration system, including having her father locked up in detention. Now she’s a 27-year-old Phoenix, Arizona high school teacher and DACA Advocate. She created an organization, Aliento, that creates a safe space for children and other Dreamers to deal with their fears and for others impacted by the lack of immigration status to have hope in the future. This past year, Reyna was recognized by Forbes as a 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur.

1:35PM — Be The Hero You Didn’t Have
Ibtihaj Muhammad | Fencer, U.S. Olympic Medalist and Change Agent
Moderator: Shira Springer | Sports and Society Reporter, WBUR

An Olympic trailblazer, Ibtihaj is the first U.S. athlete to compete in a hijab and the first Muslim American woman to earn a medal. Her sport is Saber Fencing, one that is accommodating to her religion, which requires her body to be covered. As an athlete, she found inspiration in the Williams sisters, now she inspires girls and women who, like her, are proudly fighting for the American Dream. Her platform transcends the world of sports. Mattel agrees. It has introduced a Barbie in hijab designed after Ibtihaj.

2:00PM — Every Girl Deserves a Seat at the Table
Kelly Fredrickson | President, MullenLowe, Boston
Deborah Re | President and CEO, Big Sister Association of Greater Boston

Girls have unique needs and The Big Sisters’ vision is to create a mentor rich community in which every girl has the guidance and support she needs to become a confident, competent and caring adult.

2:10PM — Coffee Break

3:00PM — Smashing Stereotypes
Madonna Badger | Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Badger & Winters

Madonna’s mission is to shine a light on the way our industry portrays women, insisting that we can do better to help create an equal and just world. She is the creator of an initiative called #WomenNotObjects, a campaign to change how the industry portrays women that has resulted in changing the criteria for judging at Cannes. A powerful personal story drives her breakthrough message and tireless work opposing the objectification of women in marketing, games, online, movies and all the different ways that we consume media.

Following Madonna’s introduction to the subject, she will moderate a group of industry insiders on the topic.

Our View Participants:
Melanie Boulden | Global Head of Marketing & Brand Management, Reebok

Linda Heasley | President & Chief Executive Officer, J. Jill

Karen Kaplan | Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Hill Holliday

Stephanie Robertson | Marketing Director, Procter & Gamble NA Skin Care

3:45PM — The Battle of the Boardroom
Natasha Lamb | Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Arjuna Capital

The results are in. Women are good for business. So, why is equal pay still an issue? Natasha, an activist investor, is a force for good in the pay equity push. She started a campaign in Silicon Valley in 2015 to persuade tech companies (like Intel and Apple) to disclose gender pay differences. She’s had remarkable success and in 2017 she turned her sights to the big banks. With a little help from the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, more success followed. Next up, she’s taking on Facebook over issues including gender pay inequities, fake news, and sexual harassment.

4:10PM — Shock Waves 

CC Webster Marrone | Author, Founder and Creative Director, Webster Works
Kiran Smith | Chief Executive Officer, Arnold Worldwide
Moderator: Carey Goldberg | CommonHealth, Editor, WBUR

Not every earth-shattering event is felt by a community. Some just rock your personal world. Especially if you’re carefree, young, successful, and you’ve got your life all planned out. When you are faced with a devastating diagnosis like an aggressive form of cancer, even the best laid plans blow up. How you rearrange the pieces can redefine your life and change it in some profoundly positive ways. CC and Kiran will share their personal journeys through the difficult decisions required to keep life on a planned trajectory or to find a new path.

4:40PM — No Limits, No Fear
Haben Girma | Attorney, Global Inclusion Leader

Haben is a force of nature, one that cannot be confined by ceilings or walls. She is Harvard Law School’s first deafblind graduate and fearless accessibility advocate who uses her talents to break through barriers and make the world more welcoming for people with disabilities. A talented storyteller, she helps people frame difference as an asset. She resisted society’s low expectations, choosing to create her own pioneering story earning her a spot on the Forbes 30 under 30 list and recognition by President Obama as a Champion of Change.

5:15PM — Cocktail & Networking Reception