Leigh Householder

EVP / Managing Director Omnichannel Strategy, Syneos Health

Leigh Householder is responsible for helping clients succeed in the next era of healthcare engagement and communications by identifying actionable insights and creating unified customer experience strategies that leverage precision-targeting and efficient plan design to help brands rapidly change markets and change lives. She’s obsessed with what people do (data) and why they do it (behavioral psychology) in equal measure.

Leigh began her career creating digital, social and loyalty strategies for Fortune 1000 brands. Ten years ago, she made the move to healthcare and never looked back. Leigh was a strategic lead on one of medicine’s biggest launches and has been an important partner to brands working to improve the lives of people fighting both chronic and acute diseases. Today, she invests a lot of her time engaging people who work on the frontlines of healthcare around the world to both understand and prioritize the shifts changing the industry and the world. She recently published Why We Resist, a book that reveals why people make counterintuitive decisions about their health and how communicators, advocates, and healthcare professionals can help them live better.