The Rosoff Awards:

Making an Impact Thru Passion

Arnold Rosoff Founded Arnold Worldwide in 1946, and made it his mission to change the face of the corporate workplace by focusing on diversity and inclusion not only at his ad agency, but across New England.


This year marks the 23rd annual Rosoff Awards. The world has changed, and the definition of diversity has changed forever. Gone are the days of diversity being a mandate. Today’s diversity is cognitive. Smart, creative companies and their leaders see inclusion as an innovation tool. It’s a way to spark ideas, imagination and collaboration.


Real diversity is not defined by race or gender. It is a vibrant mix of identities, ideas, ages, cultures and experiences. As we celebrate the Rosoff Awards this year, we will also celebrate those who are creating a positive impact on their community through a unique and personal passion they pursue outside of work.


Join us on Monday, May 20th at our Rosoff Awards dinner at the State Room. And help us celebrate those leaders and visionaries in diversity — the great leaders, great companies and amazing individuals who are creating a positive impact in our communities. Help us create Impact Through Passion by telling us about the people you know who are pursuing their unique passion. We’ll share their stories as part of our 23rd annual Rosoff Awards.