Diane Patrone

Founder, The Family NYC, Inc.

Diane Patrone has 20 years experience in the advertising and television commercial production business as a Producer and as a Marketing/Sales Agent for talent specializing in the production of television commercials, feature films, branded and content for broadcast and integrated media. Her resume includes @radical.media where she got her start in production, Crew Cuts where she was the award winning company’s first national Head of Sales, Headquarters Films where she represented Cannes Lion and DGA winning directors and The Family, the highly regarding representation company, which she founded in 2004 and being helming ever since.

She has previous represented companies such as Believe Media, White House Post, Caviar, Imaginary Forces, Backyard Productions, Nonfiction Unlimited; and currently represents Independent Media, Barking Owl, Wax, Hound, Golden, and Pet Gorilla.

Over the past two awards seasons alone The Family’s clients have accrued Gold, Silver, and Bronze Pencils; gold D&AD award; the 2017 AICP award for design; the 2018 Titanium Grand Prix at Cannes; as well as Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and MTV awards and nominations….

Diane is left leaning and politically active. She loves animals, nature, and is dedicated to constantly evolving her worldview, skills, and self-awareness.

Blah Blah Blah.

What is a bio? Me, just listing my history and strengths…. Is that really what people want to know? I think my colleagues would want to know who I am, what I’m like to work with, and why I would make a good judge of their work.

Thus, here are some offerings from friends and colleagues when I tasked them to write something about me that speaks to why I would be a good judge. I think this is much more valuable than anything on my resume.


Anna Rotholz, Executive Producer, SpotWelders NY
“Diane Patrone is a friend that is truly like family at this point (no pun intended!). She is an immensely talented curator and cultivator of talent, and always the connector I turn to when looking to open up new opportunities both personally and professionally.”

Andrew Loevenguth, Head of Production, Anomaly NY

“Unafraid to say what’s right and smart, Diane leads by example…”

Andrew Tucci, Freelance Agency Producer (EP)

“Garlic aficionado Diane Patrone knows good work when she tastes it” 

Bobby Hershfield, CCO, The Community (La Communidad NY)

“Diane knows all. She has a talent for knowing what’s good and what’s not. And she knows and surrounds herself with incredible talent. And as a result I trust her perspective and opinion.”

Cooper Smith, Freelance CD/CW

“In short, Diane is one of my favorite people to work with. In long, Diane is the kind of person who I can (and do) contact about any project, large or small, because I know she’ll do everything she can to help make the idea come to life in its best possible form. She’s as passionate about the work as she is about the people making it.”

Dominic Bernacchi, Founder/EP, Pet Gorilla

“Diane Patrone has the special recipe… creative + smartly smart + great taste + fun to be around = awesomeness. Great with people, ideas and bringing the two together, day in day out. The perfect Family member.”

Jenna Allchin, Integrated Producer, Spotify

“She is the ultimate oracle. I can turn to her with virtually any project, especially the ones I’m at a loss as to how to execute. Within the blink of an eye the solutions magically manifest. Need I mention, she’s such a great friend too, which is a true bonus in our industry”

Joyce Roughley, Senior Producer, Y&R NY

“Diane is a curator & tastemaker with her finger on the pulse of new & upcoming industry trends.”

Kelly Bayett, Founder/CD, Barking Owl Music & Sound

“Diane has creativity coming from every pore in her body.  She can’t help it.  She puts together unique ideas for screenings, has the quickest wit in the country, and is the best friend you can ever ask for.  I have had the pleasure of working with and being friends with Diane for 10 years.  She is not only a creative person, but the way she believes and inspires others to have the courage to do something different, do something against the grain, is a selfless gift that has helped us at Barking Owl feel free enough to create some of our best work.  And she very creatively kicks you in the ass if you are stuck in your own head.  Also a gift. Her generosity of spirit, her quick wit, incredible loyalty, endless creativity and bringing new ideas to old models and transforming them is constantly inspiring.  She will make you laugh all day, take the best instagram pics, and introduce you to ideas you never thought you would be open to, but somehow you are when she approaches you with them.  She is no nonsense and all love.  If you know her, you’re one of the lucky ones.”

Kelly Fagan, Freelance Agency Producer (EP)

“As an advertising industry veteran of over 20 years – Diane Patrone is a creative force that brings wit, integrity and intelligence to every project she participates in.”

Kim Nguyen, Film Director, BOB Industries

“Diane is passionate and committed to recognizing creative talent. She also has good hair. Like J-Lo good.”

Michael Glennon, Freelance Integrated Producer

“Diane has a quality that essential to any partnership – she “gets it”.  She brings her natural intelligence and humor to her wealth of experience to really see creative opportunities for what a project can be on paper and what it can become in the hands of talented partners.  She prioritizes the creative outcome of every project – and is a champion for the work.”

Natalie Loos, Head of Marketing, Mssng Peces

“A leader in the ad community, Diane has helped shaped the careers of many directors and editors because of her perspective on the industry and collaborative spirit. She is an advocate for women empowerment, believes in presence and spirituality, and is a true lover of animals!”

Pete Scudese, Senior Producer, Hogarth NY

“I have been very lucky to know Diane, both professionally and personally, for the last 14 years. Putting aside her kind heart and overall good nature, Diane is one of the best reps I know and trust implicitly. No matter the project I am tasked to produce, I am certain she has a vendor/director that is a viable option to consider. Diane has a keen eye when it comes to looking at a creative concept and sharing options that would be ideal for the job at hand. In the end, Diane is an honest, friendly, hard working, smart rep who is a blessing in this business”


Hope this helps everyone understand who I am and what I am about in this amazing business of ours….and bit about what I am like outside the office. 😉