11:30 Registration & light lunch

12:10 Welcome
Kathy Kiely, President, The Ad Club

12:15 Five Reasons Boston Will Remain the Hub
John Della Volpe, Founder & CEO, SocialSphere
The hub of the Universe, that is. From the connections that unite us and the strength of our millennial generation, to social networks and the role of education, Boston is a tight-knit community with the diversity and cross-cultural experiences available only in the largest global cities. It’s no surprise that it’s also home to some of the strongest brands in America.

12:30 Creative Revolution
Ben Jones, Creative Director, Google
Art and copy, move over and make some space! Code is an equal partner on the new creative team. Technology is changing up the creative process and revolutionizing the way stories are told. It’s a connected world and there are a myriad of new ways to express a brand and engage with consumers. Google is on the front lines of this revolution that will shape the future of advertising. Ben will share insights on the bigger, the better, and the newest ways to create connections with your audience.

1:00 The Download on Dunkin’
John Costello, President, Global Marketing & Innovation, Dunkin’ Brands
With an expansion plan that spans the globe, the Dunkin’ Brands strategy recognizes that all retail is still local. And the world of one-to-one marketing is the future. Dunkin’ is a leader in the fast food space in using social technology to connect and engage with customers. John will share the social success story that has fueled the growth of stores and earned the loyalty of customers.

1:30 Pay It Forward
David Chang, COO, PayPal Media Network
PayPal has always had a strong presence in Boston, one that has evolved over time. What comes next? David will share what’s new at the Boston office and what’s happening in the e-commerce and payment industries. From advertising evolving into commerce to the new Start Tank incubator, PayPal is a hotbed of activity.

2:00 Innovation Rx
Naomi Fried, Chief Innovation Officer, Boston Children’s Hospital
Improving quality and delivering compassionate, affordable healthcare is of critical importance to the world health community. The mission to transform healthcare for children starts with innovation. Naomi will speak about creating an innovative culture at Children’s Hospital while getting around some of the stumbling blocks to implementing new ideas.

2:35 Coffee Break

3:00 Boston’s Show of Strength: Seven Hours, One Fund
Mike Sheehan, Chairman, Hill Holliday
Jim Gallagher, EVP, John Hancock
The Honorable Thomas M. Menino, Former Mayor, City of Boston
In the tragic aftermath of the Boston Marathon twin bombings, a small group of influential Bostonians, unified by this crisis, rolled up their sleeves and got to work creating and branding a fund to help the victims. From logo, to website, to payment mechanism, a seamless and laser focused solution was created and the message was delivered. The response came just as swiftly. This is a story about the power of branding, the importance of leadership, and the incredible generosity of our city.

4:00 Finding Edges at Fidelity
Sean Belka, SVP, Fidelity Center for Applied Technology
Driven by a passion for emerging technology, FCAT is all about innovation. Sean will share how they stay on the edge and keep a sharp focus on the customer experience, as it will exist five or ten or more years down the road. From games that promote investment savvy, to a Google Glass application that keeps your eye on the financial picture, to research that measures pleasing financial experiences, FCAT is imagining the future and is ready to meet you there.

4:30 Under the Influence
Will & Dave Willis, Founders & Owners, Bully Boy Distillers
It’s Boston’s first craft distillery since prohibition. Bearing no resemblance to the moonshine that inspired this family enterprise, Bully Boy has all the right ingredients for success – a fascinating back story, great product, and a social campaign that is helping spread the word.

4:45 Aw, Shucks
Skip Bennett, Founder & Owner, Island Creek Oysters
Undeniably, the best and now one of the largest oyster companies in the United States, Island Creek Oysters, can be found on tables near and far from their Duxbury home. These Duxbury pearls are the finest oysters in the world with the growing brand recognition they deserve.

5:00 Start with a Vision
Jeremy Hobson, Co-Host of NPR HERE & NOW, WBUR
A moderated discussion with Skip Bennett and Will and David Willis on the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven these two local companies.

5:15 Closing Remarks
Kathy Kiely, President, The Ad Club

5:15 Cocktail & Networking Reception

5-7 Galleries Open