Why Buy From The Ad Club Media Auction

Stretch your media budgets and
save money above and beyond
typical client-negotiated rates.

Test out new media at a low risk and low cost.

Look like a hero to your clients by
saving them a ton of money.

Support The Ad Club. Proceeds are reinvested into our programing and content.

Everyone else is doing it—and it’s
one occasion where that is a valid reason!

About The Ad Club Media Auction

The Media Auction is The Ad Club’s largest annual fundraiser. Every year, the media community in Boston donates over $6 million worth of media donations (covering all media types from TV, to print, newspaper, radio, outdoor, digital and mobile media). Media donations are posted online, and auctioned off “eBay style” at a discounted price to area media companies and brands.

Want to Donate Media?