Trish Sie

Director, Bob Industries

With a background in music, dance, performance, and choreography, director Trish Sie brings a fresh, inventive, energetic approach to filmmaking. Her irreverent sense of humor, along with her passion for playfulness and innovation, characterizes her acclaimed signature style. Known for not taking ANYTHING too seriously, she brings humor and a whimsical approach to storytelling, characters, movement, timing, music, and space.

Trish dove into professional filmmaking in 2006, when she created, directed, and produced her first official music video: ”Here It Goes Again,” for the band OK Go. The band rehearsed on treadmills for ten days at Trish’s dance studio in Orlando Florida, then Trish shot the video in a single uncut take, using a friend’s borrowed camera and hanging Home Depot tarps over the mirrors to manage reflections.

That treadmill video earned Trish a Grammy Award for best short-form music video, and since then, her other groundbreaking concepts and direction have produced some of the most unique videos in music video history.

Her most recent OK Go clip, “Upside Down & Inside Out,” was shot entirely in weightlessness, aboard a plane that simulates micro-gravity. The video garnered more than 40 million hits in its first day online, racked up numerous awards, and been touted as a truly groundbreaking work of filmmaking.

Success as a music video director led to commercial work for Trish. She’s shot ads for Levi’s, Haagen-Dazs, Sony, Old Navy, Big Lots, Dole, Carl’s Jr, Hunts, Poise, HelloFlo, and others. Her work has been honored by Creativity Magazine, Shots Magazine, the Cannes Advertising Festival, The Association of Independent Commercial Producers, and Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Director’s Showcase, among many.

Her first feature film, STEP UP ALL IN (Lionsgate), was filmed in native 3D and hit theatres across the globe in 2014, grossing more than $90 million worldwide. According to the LA Times, “Sie packs in her exuberantly choreographed and staged dance scenes as tightly as beads on a necklace,” and the New York Times says her film “exudes the infectiousness of an old-fashioned movie musical.”

Her second feature film, Pitch Perfect 3 (Universal), will come out in Christmas of 2017.

She continues to write and create her own short films and concept videos. Her recent short films, NOT ALONE and BEING DENNIS, are enjoying success on the festival circuit, screening at BAM, Henson’s Puppets on Film, Atlanta Film Festival, LA Arthouse Film Festival, the NYC Indie Film Fest, and the LA Puppet Festival. Her newest short film, THE BIG BREAKUP, deals with America’s dysfunctional relationship with guns.

Trish has also been a recurring creative collaborator and choreographer for the inventive, world-renowned dance company, Pilobolus. Her stage works Licks, Skyscapers, and All Is Not Lost continue to be performed in repertory all over the world.


Grammy Nominee for Best Short-Form Music Video: OK Go’s “Upside Down & Inside Out” (2017)

Association of Independent Commercial Producers: NEXT Awards for Excellence in Viral Video and Excellence in Branded Content

Cannes Lion Awards for “Upside Down & Inside Out”: including Silver Lions for Excellence in Music Video and Film and Bronze Film Lion for Film Craft (2016) 

Official Selection, “Being Dennis”: NYC Indie Film Fest, New York, NY (2015)

Winner, Best Short Film, “Being Dennis”: LA Arthouse Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA (2015)

Winner, Best Short Film, “Being Dennis”: Intendence Film Festival, Denver, CO (2015) 

Official Highlighted Selection, “Not Alone”: Best of Shortstack, Brooklyn, NY (2014)

Official Selection, “Not Alone”: Puppets On Film, New York, NY (2013)

Cannes Lion Awards for the Google Chrome experiment, “All Is Not Lost”: including Gold Film Lion for Interactive Film, Gold Cyber Lion (Craft) for Best Video, Gold Design Lion for Typography, Silver Cyber Lion (Websites & Microsites) for Publications & Media, and Bronze Design Lion for Online Digital Design (2012)

Grammy Nominee for Best Short-Form Music Video: OK Go’s “All Is Not Lost” (2012)

Featured Director: Creativity Magazine (2008)

Featured Director: Saatchi & Saatchi: New Director’s Showcase, Cannes (2007)

Grammy Award for Best Short-Form Music Video: OK Go’s “Here It Goes Again” (2006) 

Youtube Award for Most Creative Video: OK Go’s “Here It Goes Again” (2006) 
Nominee for Best Music Video, MTV Europe’s Music Awards: OK Go’s “A Million Ways” (2006)


Music & Dance Background: Trish brings a college degree in music, plus years of experience in professional dance and choreography. This gives her an edge, not just in prepping in the musical numbers for this film, but in understanding the nuance of how to stage, light, and shoot music and movement. It’s a visual and musical vocabulary that has served her well.

Strong Visual Style: Her experience in indie music video (especially OK Go) has given her a distinct visual style that is bold, colorful, and graphic.

An Actor’s Director: Trish loves collaborating with actors, creating a safe creative space to discuss and explore their character, weigh in on the script, experiment with performance options, improvise and play during the process.

The Importance Of Play: Speaking of play, Trish believes firmly in ENJOYING her work and making sure everyone around her is having a blast, too. There are rough moments and challenges in any project, but maintaining a sense of frolic, a light touch, and a smile allows everyone to relax, find solutions, be creative, and infuse her work with an authentic joy that audiences can feel in the finished product.

Writer’s Chops: Many don’t know that Trish has studied writing and once thought she might make a career in writing. She loves to develop scripts, tell stories, collaborate with writers, and find ways to say or communicate themes and ideas. She loves comedy and the subtleties of making people laugh through smart writing.