Melissa Slade

Executive Director, Head of In-House Agency


Mel built the in-house Agency from scratch which today comprises over 175 people, providing soup-to-nuts marketing to the tune of over 9,000 deliverables a year. And if you know your math, you know that comes out to, like, a million projects a day! Or, at least, that’s what it feels like.

Mel has a strong track record of leading a variety of cultural, communication, and strategic Brand transformation strategic initiatives within Aetna. Mel led the first digital forward communication initiatives within the organization and oversees multi-million advertising and video production for a variety of audiences including consumers, members, providers and B2B. She was at the helm of the ideation and launch of the Writers’ Center for Excellence, and Brand Voice and Visual Identity training for the Enterprise. She also orchestrated Aetna’s support for the 2013 Plain writing Act for Regulations. Her leadership and initiatives have saved the organization over $75 million, while her team’s increased operational efficiency and delivered exceptional service.

The Agency at Aetna is a place where smart, strategic, brand-building, and well, just-plain-awesome creative work can get done. In just two short years, The Agency has gone from start-up to full-service in-house capabilities including strategy, concepting, video, digital and anything else you can think of. It’s also pulled in some huge external agency-level talent along the way.

It no longer feels like an in-house agency. It’s more like an Agency that’s finally been let out to play.