Dr. Leila Pirhaji

Founder & CEO


Dr. Pirhaji is Founder and CEO of ReviveMed with a Ph.D. in Biological Engineering from MIT. During her Ph.D. at Prof. Ernest Fraenkel Lab at MIT, Dr. Pirhaji developed pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) platform to overcome difficulties of characterizing small molecules from blood or tissues of patients, and translate these data into drug discovery insghts. She then founded ReviveMed to bring this technology to the market and make an impact in people’s lives. Currently, ReviveMed is a venture-backed startup, based in Cambridge MA, focusing on discovering therapeutics for metabolic diseases using AI. Previously, Leila worked at top-notch research institutes, such as ETH Zurich, as well as large pharmaceutical companies, including Merck and Takeda pharmaceuticals. Her innovative work has received several prestigious awards, and featured in TV and media outlets including TechCrunch.